Updated: May 29, 2018

Ever wonder why some visual effects artists work well and efficient while others aren’t that productive?

VFX artist at the work place

When you see your visual effects team struggling to find creative solutions while your business needs it the most, you might wonder, “how did some artists ended up working with me and even though I might lose a valuable media client tomorrow, they will still get paid?” Well, the good news is that you can find out about their problem-solving skills beforehand by asking a few simple questions which may not be evident  in his/her CVs/resumes. Most of what you read in resumes are big commercials and feature film names a particular VFX artist has worked on as a group project and not what they are capable of handling independently.  Here is a list of questions you should ask  before giving the responsibility of an important creative task to a potential hire/contractor.  

HR specialist taking notes
Ask about their past creative challenges and how they tackled those. Was it something their supervisor had to deal with?
Ask about their personal achievements. A skilled artist would have worked on a lot of their own projects in the past.
Ask about their education. What have they achieved in school? Did they learn a single technical tool or multiple? Did they get introduced to the bigger picture of visual effects pipeline after learning how to accomplish small everyday post-production tasks? Did they participate in any student film festivals around the world?
Ask a question about their abilities to overcome hard technical challenges using out of shelf solutions. You also want to ask something specifically related to your company. Get the input from your visual effects team. What challenging tasks might potentially pop up during the post-production? Add those questions too.
Last, but certainly not least, try to have an engaging and friendly interview with the interviewee. Your interviewee might be tense himself and would not share much with you.

Have you ever employed an under-qualified applicant?  Please, let me know! Can’t wait to learn about your interviewing experiences.

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