Do you have a question? Curious about my availability, rates or current location? From the drop-down menu, you can learn what the frequently asked questions are, and the general rules to efficiently start working together towards producing stunning  visual effects, motion graphics, product visualization, and 360 VR video experience for your clients or business. 

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list of frequently asked questions

​What is your specialty?

​I am a senior visual effects artist. I specialize in computer graphics, live action compositing, and CG integration. Additionally, I have supervised a European TV series. I can work by myself, or as a part of the team. I frequently team-up my friends and co-workers to handle large scale projects.

What is your rate?

​My quote for your project depends on the complexity of the project, delivery deadlines, and any additional resources required for the​ ​completion. ​I can also be hired as a contractor on an hourly rate basis working on bigger shows at your office.

​Can you fly in with your equipment?

​Yes, I'm local to Vancouver and Toronto. I can also work anywhere in Canada and the European Union. For my American clients, you have an excellent opportunity to get a high-quality service and save on taxes. In the future, I might be able to work in your country too.

Do you take a retainer fee before starting work?

​Yes, usually 50% + It reassures me that you are serious about the job, and also gives you a peace of mind that
all my resources and contractors will be dedicated to deliver the best result in time.

What is the best way to reach you?

​Please email me at I answer all my emails as soon as I can.