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I use visual effects to tell stories. My expertise includes general VFX, compositing, product visualization, 360VR storytelling, motion graphics, how-to educational video and more.

I'm ready to help you achieve the visual representation of the ideas that have only existed in your mind thus far. To translate story into image. To understand what's possible and bring it into being on your screens.


My years of experience as a VFX artist and motion designer include work on some of the most cutting-edge TV series and commercials on the air today. I can provide you with stunning images and handle the challenging technical problems that you face.

Are you an advertiser? A small- or mid-scale production studio? A Filmmaker or videomaker?

A band looking for a music video? A tech start-up in Silicon Valley? Let me solve your imaging problems and give you a final product that makes you look great.


Oleg Smykalov and Franco Franchini.jpg

Oleg S and Franco Franchini at the launch

of Les Heritiers de Patmos in Paris, France.

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