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    What visual effects work do you need?  Digital compositing?  Product visualization?  Camera and object matchmove?  360VR?
Show me the shots you need to be composited. Talk to me about your time frame. Let me help move your project one step forward.
Contact me here on my website to check my availability and book my services.

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Feature Film and Episodic TV I worked on in different roles:

Blue Beetle - Warner Bros.

The Expanse: Season 6 - Amazon Prime Video

The Boys: Season 3 - Amazon Prime Video

Polly Pocket: Season 2 - Netflix (584 Shots)

The Ice Road - a Netflix film

Shadow and Bone: Season 1 - Netflix

Two Sentence Horror Stories: Season 3 - The CW Television Network

The Expanse: Season 5 - Amazon Prime Video

Cats - Universal Studios (Oscar-nominated for VFX)

The Expanse: Season 4 - Amazon Prime Video

Locke & Key: Season 1 - Netflix

The October Faction: Season 1 - Netflix

The Conjuring 2 - New Line Cinema

Polar - a Netflix film

Gotham: Seasons 1, 2 and 3 - Warner Bros. Television / Fox

The Umbrella Academy: Season 1 - Netflix

Into the Badlands: Season 3 - AMC

Les héritiers de Patmos (The Picture)

SIX: Season 2 - The History Channel

Lucifer:  Season 2 - Warner Bros. Television / Fox.

Minority Report: Season 1 - Warner Bros. Television / Fox

11.22.63 - Warner Bros. Television / Hulu 

Training Day: TV Pilot - Jerry Bruckheimer/Warner Bros. / CBS

A.P.B.  TV Pilot - 20th Century Fox Television

Pitch: TV Pilot - 20th Century Fox Television

The Hollow - a Netflix original series

Wynonna Earp: Season 4 - Sci-Fi Channel, Space

Hellraiser - a Hulu film

Finding Manny - WW2 Documentary

Salon 255 - Short Film

The Olde Township - a TIFF Documentary

Project Blue Book: Season 1

Bros - Future Film

Dollface - Season 2

Eagle - Season 5

Easter Sunday - Future Film

Echoes - Season 1

Fear The Walking Dead - Season 7

Gordita Chronicles - Season 1

Grand Crew - Season 1

Paper Girls - Season 1

Righteous Gemstones - Season 2

Super Pumped - Season 1

The Box - Future Film

The Flight Attendant - Season 2

The Walking Dead - Season 10

The Walking Dead - Season 11

Woke - Season 2

Young Rock - Season 2


TV Commercials and web videos I created or/and  participated in:

AbbVie + - Migraine

Microsoft: AI AirSim Drones - Vision Video

OpenDoor - Life's Doors

BitDeer: Bitcoin 2022 Promo Miami, FL

Apple - The new iPhone SE A15 Bionic + 5G

Hippo Insurance - Feel the Housepower Logo Animation 2020

Inliant Dental Technologies - Product Visualization/How-To video

Eyelove - tv commercial

Optimus SBR - Rebranding

Navigate Surgical: How to make an Inliant stent

Healthier4U Vending Las Vegas

Acuvue - Harper's ball challenge

Art of Courage: Trailer

Land Rover: Grizzly Torque
Ecobee 3, Ecobee 4, Ecobee sensor & Ecobee switch product visualization
Ecobee: in-store product video for Best Buy USA
American Standard: Pillar

LG: Glentel 

LandRover: Above and Beyond

Operation Life Saver: Look Listen Live, Headphones 360/VR

Operation Life Saver: Look Listen Live, Gates 360/VR

Operation Life Saver: Look Listen Live, Trains, and ATVs 360/VR

Windows 10 Creators Update: Bring Your Ideas to Life in 3D

Twinrix: I am a traveler

EpiPen: One and Only
EpiPen: School Board
Royal Bank of Canada Blue Board: How-To (~50 videos) 50
Jaguar: Winter isn't there
Stanfield's: Streak Week
Stanfield's: Case Study
Taco Bell Canada | Live Mas

Milestones: The Date
Jaguar: The art of performance
Fancon: Animation Fest

Filmotechnic: Flight Head 5

Camera Car Systems: U-Arm/Autorobot
Zillow Group: Leadership Playbook
DJ FEI-FEI: 1yr Aniversary
Precise Parklink Brand

SolarPV.TV Weekly News
Royal Bank of Canada: Corporate Responsibility
AMC: Toronto International Film Festival 2014
Ford: Fun For Everyone
VH: BBQ Sauces

Ideal Developments Ad Campaign BTS

Human Scale: Quickstand Eco
HALO 5: Intro Video
Sony Bravia: Hockey Like You've Never Seen It Before 
Sony Bravia: Happy Holidays
Congrats: Lumberjack Love
ING: Transition to Tangerine
Panel Claw: Corporate Profile
One Resonance Sensors: Product Video
Ford: Skip the Traffic Jam
Nissan: Sizzle
RedBull: Aronofsky Lecture

Railway Association of Canada: Last Spike
JWT Ukraine: Aero
TM Istinna: Vodka Istinna
Carlsberg: EURO 2012
Ferrero Rocher: Perfect gift

Nikki Jamal: Crush on You
Alena Vinnitskaya: Listen to me girl
Yulia Groznaya: Show business
Alena Vinnitskaya: EVON

Djuce: Unlimited
EUROVOICE: European Music contest

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