Check out my work as a visual effects artist on Gotham and Minority Report (the TV series) as well as in The Conjuring 2. You'll see my digital compositing work on Pitch and Lucifer. I've worked for Sony, Hulu, Netflix, WBTV, New Line Cinema, FOX.  My commercial clients include Royal Bank of Canada, Tangerine/ING, Microsoft, Jinko, Nissan, milestones, EpiPen, LG, Filmotechnic, Nissan, Ford, Jaguar, Railway Association of Canada.

Here's examples of my work and the services I provide:



With my motion tracking technology and skills, I can help you insert computer graphics and animation into your live-action footage seamlessly. I match position, scale, and motion perfectly so that your viewer can't tell the difference between the computer-generated effects and the live-action footage. Even when you know in advance where one begins and another ends, you won't be able to see where they connect. 


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